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In September 2010, Marvel announced a ninth series of five What If issues in the one-shot format, to be released in December 2010. The second to fifth issues of Volume 9 were not numbered. What If? issue #200 was an extra-sized edition featuring two stories. It presented an alternative for the Siege Marvel universe event, asking what might have happened if the Sentry had not lost control and Norman Osborn had conquered Asgard. The second story examined the classic 1960s Fantastic Four trilogy, "The Coming of Galactus". The second story of the first issue was written by Stan Lee, the author of the original. It described what may have been if Uatu, the Watcher killed Galactus to prevent Galactus from consuming the Earth. The second issue in Volume 9, featured a What If for "Dark Reign", subtitled, The Osborn Assassination. It asks what may have occurred had Clint Barton succeeded in his mission to kill Norman Osborn. The third issue of the series featured Spider-Man during the recent "Grim Hunt" storyline. Similarly, it asks what might have happened if Peter had elected to kill Kraven the Hunter. The fourth edition of Volume 9 called Wolverine: Father, focuses on Wolverine's turbulent relationship with his long-lost and wayward son, Daken: what would have happened if Logan had known about Daken's existence and raised him from birth. The final issue entitled Demon in an Armor, features Iron Man and Doctor Doom, asking what might have happened if the young Tony Stark had become involved in a body switching incident and found himself in the body of Victor von Doom, whilst Doom takes Tony's body to control Stark Industries. A prequel runs through volume 9 about a divergence where the Venom symbiote possesses Deadpool.

Written by : David Michelinie, Bob Layton, Rob Williams, Mark Sable, Jason Henderson, Rick Remender

Art by : Graham Nolan, Greg Tocchini, Paul Azaceta, Sana Takeda, Shawn Moll

Published by : Marvel

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