You are reading : What If? Vol 3 (2005), Issue : 6.

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In February 2005, Marvel published a further six issues of What If. They were all in the "one-shot" format. The editor, Justin Gabrie, attributed the publication of Volume 3 to a suggestion from C. B. Cebulski. Uatu the Watcher narrates some issues and there is a cameo by Brian Michael Bendis as narrator. In Volume 3, there is a "nod" to a Volume 1 story, What if Uncle Ben had lived? In a conversation between a comic shop customer and an attendant, the customer asks,"What if Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben?" Leading to another alternative plot. Marvel published a single parody edition called Wha... Huh?!? in August 2005.

Written by : Brian Michael Bendis, Chris Claremont, Ed Brubaker, Karl Kesel, Peter David

Art by : Michael Gaydos, Tom Raney, Michael Lark, Andrea Di Vito, Paul Smith, Pat Olliffe

Published by : Marvel

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