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What If? Vol 4 (2006)

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In February 2006, publication of Volume 4 began. Again, there were six issues in the "one-shot" format. However, rather than follow What if tradition of using a divergence from a specific plot point, Volume 4 more closely resembled the DC Comics equivalent, Elseworlds which presents stories that are continuities based on alternative versions (in time or place) of DC Comic's canon. For example, Superman: Red Son, is a story in which Superman was raised in the Soviet Union instead of the United States. All but one of the Volume 4 issues uses this non-traditional format. The new format is explained by "Uatu the Watcher" having discovered historical documents from an alternative dimension. From the Japanese feudal era, the divergence of a shared, alternative universe, Earth - 717, begins. This divergence is the time when a Daredevil hero known as "The Devil Who Dares" appears. It is also the realm where characters are given alternative life histories and where they proceed in alternative historical periods. Examples from Volume 4 include, Captain America battling the "White Skull" during the American Civil War; Wolverine taking the role of the Punisher and fighting mobsters in 1920s Chicago; Sub-Mariner being raised by his father on the surface during World War II; Thor becoming a herald of Galactus; and a Russian version of the Fantastic Four, known as the "Ultimate Federalist Freedom Fighters", being a part of the Cold War.

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Issue No.
Issue : 1 What If Captain America Fought in the Civil War?
Issue : 2 Daredevil: The Devil who Dares
Issue : 3 What If Prince Namor of Atlantis Grew up on Land?
Issue : 4 What If the Fantastic Four were Cosmonauts?
Issue : 5 Wolverine: Public Enemy Number One
Issue : 6 What If Thor was the Herald of Galactus?